Supply chain management

In the recent years the world has become a dangerous one characterized by uncertainty. Geopolitical, technological, economic and social changes substantially increase business uncertainty and make the supply chain more vulnerable. However, supply chains are becoming more complex because of the many tiers of suppliers, so that supply chain visibility is lower today. For these and other reasons, organizations need more than ever a company that will be involved in managing the company’s supply chain and the risks that can arise.

Minet Technologies offers a variety of solutions to help you manage the risks in your organization’s supply chain:

– Projects and consulting

– 24/7 risk management service in the supply chain

– Risk Management Workshop in Supply Chain

Projects and consulting

Supply chain management is an economic activity – how to reduce the risk while investing the right resources? Minet carried out projects for analysis and reduction of risks, the writing and implementation of programs dealing with emergency events (BCP), and the integration of risk management in the procurement, supplier management and supply chain activities. All these activities are based on our methodology and our business partners.

24/7 supply chain management service

Minet offers innovative and unique service based on our risk management software, our business partner, risk management and identification, 24/7 alerts on risks tailored to your supply chain and suppliers, and insight into enterprise risk management. The risks are identified at a very early stage and the alert will be sent to the appropriate person in the organization.


Benefits in Risk Chain Management Service:

The system reduces exposure to risk by reducing the probability that the risk will occur and by reducing the impact of the risk event if it occurs

The system reduces the amount of time people in the organization need to invest in the field. Saving 50 hours for an employee

The system gives the organization a relative advantage over competitors

Customizable rating capabilities for high risk factors for your organization

Leading organizations around the world are already using the system. We invite you to be next.

Supply Chain Management Workshop:

Based on its methodology, Mint has developed a risk management workshop in a supply chain that enables managers and professionals to identify, analyze and quantify risks, to make important defense decisions in a structured way. The workshop describes business activity in an industrial company that requires making decisions in the supply chain while taking into account risks. Participants will work in groups and will need to identify risks, analyze and prioritize them, acquire defenses from risks and respond to events and information received. The emphasis will be on quantitative analysis and measurement of decisions and their results. Different groups will manage risks in different ways and result in different business outcomes. After working in groups, we will analyze and discuss the results and decision-making processes in the groups.