Risk manage in SCM

Supply chain risk management

Supply chain in modern organizations are vulnerable to chain risks. The risks are multiplied and their effects on the increase as the supply chain becomes more complex.

The largest vulnerability risks causing the Butterfly effect: small disturbance to the supply chain process that could lead to heavy losses in terms of revenues, profits, and customer relations. Supply chain manager must refer to these risks.

Minet has done innovative projects of designing supply chain management. These included developing a detailed model of supply chain risk management, made risk-control programs implemented in companies and preparing business continuity plans (BCP Business Continuity Program) for emergencies.

Thanks to these projects, the knowledge gained and using technology in the supply chain, we are prepared to work with you and the supply chain manager in identifying relevant risks in your supply chain, or the exposure of these risks and reduce risks by purchasing a financial protections.

Minet has developed risk management workshop for supply chain. The workshop is based on the accumulated knowledge and projects that we did in risk management in the supply chain and is unique in that it provides quantitative tools and practical risk management.