Reverse Auctions

Proven technology for rapid and significant costs reduction.

Online auctions (inverted or tenders) are a relatively new method for sorsing. The process of reverse auction starts by product specification of vendors.

On the date specified all providers entering the website and offer online product prices. Reverse auction. process ended when a provider offers price and other provider offers a cheaper price.

Minet works in Israel’s relations with Alctol, a leading European company and services procurement technologies, implementing, managing and consulting online bids. Alctol performed a offline bids totaling in the millions of dollars to customers. Using the relationship with Alctol we offer customers advanced technology and understand the many specific segment.

The system is also your desktop acquisition Manager or property and allows management and control at all sorsing projects of the organization. The software handles both electronic bidding just one product with one parameter – price and more complex electronic auction where there is more than one tender price parameter (such as transfer pricing, payment terms, quality and other forms of Tenders in opposite directions like a Dutch auction or English) auction program also know to process a one-time auction of sealed envelopes.

Minet provides a variety of solutions including consulting tenders online, manage online auctions in which we carry out complete customer projects and technology when the client performs the auction itself.