Procurement outsourcing

Procurement and logistics management in outsourcing

Minet can give an answer to the needs of the procurement by procurement and logistics management outsourcing and procurement consulting in the following areas:


We will provide for you, and you can find them, get them to contracts.

Operational procurement management

Concern for availability of items in your organization, check out the orders, tracking the arrival of delivery problems.

Suppliers management

Surveillance of suppliers (after an process sourcing and selection), measuring supplier performance improvement, provide.

The benefits of outsourcing for procurement:

  • Achieving good business results through better procurement management
  • Operational flexibility and responsiveness to changing requirements of the procurement.
  • Unable to deal with the major procurement and logistics and procurement of laminate.
  • Releasing people who purchased as a secondary activity for their major roles.
  • Quick access to task.

Our services are suitable for organizations that are in the following situations:

  • The company accelerated growth, the Purchasing Department still under construction and the Organization has a solution.
  • A small organization that has purchased quality management but don’t want to hire a senior purchasing manager full-time.
  • The project requires large procurement resources and company don’t want to increase the power of her usual person.
  • The Organization must achieve a quantum leap in its procurement and procurement consultancy.
  • The equipment makers project.