Smart procurement workflows

Procurement workflows are non trivial to automate and includes many manual steps across many stakeholders, Involving many systems and confusing user experience.

With ORO you can solve this problems by:
1. Procurement intake management including buying guidance.
2. Automate and customize complex non-standardized purchases.
3. Automate supplier onboarding.
4. Workflow orchestration.
5. CRM for Suppliers.
6. Supplier bank update for zero fraud.

Using ORO can help you
Reduce time & effort needed to onboard suppliers from weeks to days,
Delight all stakeholders by optimizing procurement SLA’s,
Reduce operational costs in managing suppliers,
Reduce risk by bringing visibility into your suppliers
And Change procurement focus from transactional to strategic

ORO is different thanks to the great User Experience (UX) for business users,
End-to-end process automation with ease ,
Seamless integration to all of your systems
And Lowest TCO / Maximum ROI .

ORO work with Numerous customers, small and large, in many industries –Software companies, Fortune 500 pharmaceutical, world’s largest chemical company, small and mid-sized biotech companies, financial services companies.