Master Data is data that describes the core basic dimensions of products, materials, suppliers, customers, accounts list, location etc. Master data management (MDM) is a comprehensive strategy to control and build a single reliable source, accurate and authoritative information of company assets and providing information upon request. Master Data assets is important, organizations and plan an effective MDM is critical in maintaining operational and financial good health.

Verdantis offers automatic end-to-end ERP, MDM solutions, and a leading provider of business orientation and performance software solutions for managing catalogs and Master Data.

Verdantis provides services in two ways:

Verdantis-an automated solution to Harmonize armonizatia of Master Data. This solution helps turn legacy data to become Master Data in the truest sense and ensures a unified data set, classified, valid and standard, the format must be uploaded into the ERP systems and EAM customer.

Verdantis integrity-an automated solution for ongoing data integrity in real time. Supply management components-information processing and maintaining current data for items, suppliers, customers, products, and financial information.

Verdantis Master Data (MDM) uses artificial intelligence technology that combines innovative technology, best practices, and expertise in taxonomy/specifications/MRO.

This days, Minet in cooperation with Verdantis, our business partners, working on catalogues union project .

The goal of the project is to consolidate the number of catalogs to the catalog with a unified taxonomy.