Inventory management optimization

Today’s competitive market organization cannot afford high inventory levels or lack of stock available. Optimizing inventory management is the key to maintaining a high level of service while reducing costs.

Syncron is the world leader in cloud (SaaS) based optimization of services. Provides a global inventory management, global pricing, and order management for manufacturing and distribution companies worldwide.

Software solution for managing our inventory includes inventory tracking capabilities and create accurate predictions. The solution improves visibility, noting changes in demand and help to save time and money.

Syncron creates Automation to complex patterns of demand analysis to produce accurate forecasts and inventory optimization. GIM calculates width and depth of inventory based on your service level target. Under many changes, the system determines:

  • Which products to keep in stock.
  • Optimizes inventory security
  • Choose to reorder levels

The software helps you:

  • Increase your revenue by increasing sales of stock
  • To find and reduce unnecessary inventory costs
  • Reduce emergency orders

Strategic inventory model examines the impact of the changes, and provides you with a summary of the numeric and Visual impact on inventory and service level.