Inventory and transportation

Advanced software for optimization and planning of inventory and transportation

Solvoyo is a unique cloud based software that allows planning of the supply chain.

Using advanced technology and easy-to-user, you can improve your company’s daily planning and transportation system and reach optimization.

Minet is theIsraeli representative of Solvoyo, an American company specializing in optimization of the supply chain and its solutions feature advanced transportation and inventory optimization.

Solvoyo system includes a number of unique advantages:

  • Cloud system – implementation relatively easy.
  • Real optimization of transport based on a mathematical model and a mild improvement based on ioristis rules. Optimizer ensures that they achieve the best results, and taking into account the constraints of the company.
  • Integrated optimization option-transport and inventory- a unique solution!

Solvoyo’s customers include clients in all areas – corporate logistics, industrial companies, distributors, riitelirs of all sizes, such as The Home Depot in the United States, Schneider Electric and more.