Along with the rapid growth in the cloud, new challenges are coming, such as: control over what happens in the cloud, information security and optimization of cloud spending. Minet represents Cloudability, which provides a solution to all new challenges through extensive knowledge in the field, tools and extensive past experience that enables us to improve long-term business decision making.


Cloudability’s advanced technology is one of the latest in the field of computing and enables us to develop new applications quickly and efficiently so that customers receive regular updates on changes in costs in real time without effort.

In a world that is moving toward computing and automation, organizations and businesses need a system that will help them manage and control in the financially cloud spending. Understanding the expenses of the cloud is a rigid process due to the constant change of cloud infrastructure and therefore may consume precious time. Many companies are exposed to financial surprises because they cant predict the expected and accurate expenses of the cloud and therefore do not meet the budget target set in the first place.


There are many cases where companies are forced to stop the cloud due to the understanding that the spending is out of control. Sometimes the expected expenses do not reflect the actual expenses and inaccurate data in may cause huge destruction in the organization.


The data in the system is encrypted at every step of the way, the information always remains confidential. when your data switch between servers, they are re-encrypted using a sophisticated security algorithm and any account secure with using very strict security procedures.


Achieving efficiency in the cloud is an ongoing process. The challenge is to be able to quickly identify and close unused resources, be alert to the technological innovation, track new services provided by suppliers at all times, and make sure that the resources are being used in the best wey. You can optimize multi cloud providers at the same time and make the best of it.


Cloudability enables annual, quarterly and even monthly forecasts to predict expected expenses, allowing to ensure that each team that uses the cloud does not exceed the budget allocated to it. The system will be able to provide budget alerts, allocate budgets to various domain, and efficiently gather and analyze data about the cloud.



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