Cloud Managment Course

A cloud is the idea of ​​fulfilling IT organizational requirements – software, storage, computing – through virtual or external resources rather than the traditional method of using fixed or internal assets. The cloud has enormous implications of the organization in terms of reducing development times and reducing costs, but there are also negative dimensions such as shadow IT and storage of unnecessary information that cause unnecessary costs.

The cloud management course will present the models, processes in the cloud and will provide technological, economic and legal tools for the cloud and data management. In the course you will be able to understand the cloud technology, its effects on the labor market, how to choose a suitable supplier for our business? We will deal with the legal and regulatory aspects of the cloud and present the principles and strategies for its management.

The course will present and cover the topics of cloud infrastructure, virtualization, software-defined networks, cloud storage and programming models. We will discuss the motivations, benefits and challenges that exist in the cloud and present useful cases of software networks and deal with different concepts of cloud computing, data distribution, KPI’s and measurements.

The tools provided will enrich your knowledge and enable you to engage in the most current field in the market. The course will allow you to experience a project from the beginning until the completion of the project. As part of the project, it will be possible to understand the cloud economy and the total cost of ownership (TCO), learn how to choose in the correct IT options , as well as the right cloud provider and the most effective and way to manage risks in the cloud.

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