About Us​

How we do it?

Our procurement outsourcing allows lower the costs, to develop new products and execution of large projects while maintaining a fast and flexible organization resources

Our projects reshapes the supply chain organization through concepts such as good relationships with suppliers, reducing the number of suppliers, visibility and focus on costs and prices.

Our technologies are leader companies in many areas overseas and comprehensive supply chain planning and optimization lowering costs. Some of these unique and innovative solutions.

In every organization there is supply and procurement chain. therefore our clients are a variety of different sizes and industries and services – leader companies from small start-companies.

Our Mission

What is special about us?

The rich variety of our products and solutions covers many areas of procurement and supply chain world.

Mthodolgy development capability in complex, as we did for example the supply chain risk management, implementing the integrated commitment.

Our relationship with technology companies and consulting companies in the world, those we represent and work with in Israel, contributes substantially to our customers through the capabilities, technologies, methodologies, and BEST PRACTICES in world


Minet was founded in 1996 by the CEO David Inbar, who developed unique methodologies over the years, and has gained extensive experience in the Israeli industry

Some of our clients

Our partners


Throughout the world, leading organizations count on NetApp for software, systems, and services to manage and store their data. NetApp help enterprises and service providers envision, deploy, and evolve their IT environments. 


Orpheus  is the leading software vendor for spend & savings management, procurement performance measurement and Big/Smart data analytics in strategic procurement and procurement safisticated BI.
Its AI algorithms and semantic data management enable procurement professionals to recognize hidden bundling and savings potentials.

Market Dojo

Market Dojo, a UK based software company offering Software as a Service built by procurement professionals. Their solutions allow the streamlining of procurement to obtain real value and mitigate risk. This is achieved through easy to use, yet capable eSourcing and supplier engagement applications available on-demand or with enterprise licensing.

Anklesaria Group

For almost two decades, Anklesaria Group has trained supply chain professionals and facilitated the development and execution of cost management solutions for companies around the world.  While companies have found numerous ways to cut costs, very few have developed long term strategies to manage costs.

Risk methods

The riskmethods mission is to provide full transparency about risk exposures in 1-n-tier supply chains. The cloud-based, real SaaS-solution supports geo-based modeling of complex supply chains, automated risk monitoring incl. alerting, data/risk visualization in interactive geo-heat-maps and powerful realtime analytics.


Cloudability is the first financial management tool for monitoring and analyzing every cloud

expense across any organization. It brings transparency to how and where organizations spend money

on cloud resources, giving them the power to reap the most value from cloud usage possible.


Verdantis Is the first to offer database management services and solutions that bring real business value and ROI, by focusing on the business use and the application of MDM. Verdantis offers an automated solution for unique MDM ERP based on artificial intelligence (AI).

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